Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Wednesday I returned to the dreaded cancer center. After having almost two weeks off I actually caught myself acting feeling and thinking like "what cancer"? but just like a great vacation from work or school it was back to work on kicking some cancer butt.
This last appointment was a long one as I have to see my doctor and check in with her. She basically has to look at my labs and me to make sure I am hanging in there. I must say, she is usually one that doesn't beat around the bush so that when she told me I have lost too much weight and looked dehydrated I knew I better start eating and drinking more. Much love to my friend Diane who waited out the day with me and was not timid in the least to get me good pain drugs so that I can sleep. Thanks Diane, I had so much fun with you and cannot believe how the day just flew by. I paused many times in that chemo room praising God for the laughter and obvious presence of the Holy Spirit. Even when I thought the nurses were going to have to call security on you and Hal. You have a way about you that comforts me and reminds me that things are going to be okay. You are a true angel and I love you dearly!
Diane is not the only outward reminder that I have of God's love and true concern for me. Last night Linda had a scarf party for me where everyone brought a yard of fabric to make a hat with. The room was filled with so many women whom I love so much and I cannot begin to express my gratitude for who you are to me and my family. Thank you all for the beautiful material and fun night. Thank you Linda for opening your home to us and for always trying to figure out another way to make my life easier and better. I love you.
Hal's mom Judith will be arriving on May 15th to stay with us off and on during the summer. What a blessing she will be to me and the girls. Don't forget to pack your bathing suit grandma!
While I am on the subject, big love to Robin, Terry, and Timmay. We had such a great time on our weekend together. It is so great how we can just pick up where we left off and never have blink. I will see you again very soon!
My week off was great. I have learned that as long as I get good sleep, it makes a tremendous difference in how I feel DUH! The last 3-4 nights I have slept great (thanks Diane) and come Friday (2 days after treatment) while I could feel the chemo hit me, I was still able to do a load of laundry or unload the dishwasher and not be attached to the couch or bed.
My week consists of PT on Tuesday, acupuncture on Wednesday and chemo on Thursday.
PT continues to strengthen me and I can really see results. Acupuncture really helped me with digestion last week. He gave me an extra needle in the stomach and immediately my appetite returned.
As always, thank you for your prayers. It is an unbelievable feeling to know that so many people are praying for us and it really makes a difference. God's plan is working, it is working through each one of us. Keep it going.


Anonymous said...

My friend, I am always completely blown away by your strength and totally positive attitude! You have taught us all so much about living in the light! We continue to send prayers your way and will miss you so much at ESTE! "Top of the hour" will not be the same but you'll be there in spirit for sure!
Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Schierts, you truly are amazing! Thanks for taking the time to keep up this blog - I'm thinking of you and as always, you're in my prayers. I don't need to tell you to stay strong because you already are! ~Anna