Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This has been one of the longest Springs I can remember since I've lived in KC. It's 60 and sunny today, a bit chilly with the wind but we have had a great Mothers Day thus far. It started out with a massage from the whole family followed by breakfast. Since then we have just enjoyed looking at old pictures and relaxing on the back deck watching the girls swing. Oh, it's so nice that they can finally pump their legs and not require a push every ten seconds.
My second month of six treatments came and went this past Thursday. Thanks and love to Amy and Deb who escorted me the last two weeks. As usual, I was able to get caught up on what was going on in their lives and actually listen to what they were saying. I have been keeping up with the acupuncture and now go the day before chemo. I have been thinking that my days following chemo have gotten easier because of the acupuncture and while that may be true, I know the real reason is because of the tremendous amount of prayers that are being said for me.
My shoulder pain has improved significantly as well and I am sleeping better. If it wasn't for this cancer thing I'd say I was healthy!!!!! It is amazing how we take our health for granted.
Many of us who are struggling with an illness tend to see it as a strong clarifier. It clarifies the importance of life, family, a beautiful day, or the way your daughter says Happy Muders Day.
Don't let it get to the point of an illness or some other suffering for you to take the time to thank God for everything.
This week I am off from chemo and plan on enjoying it by seeing the Police concert with some great friends and by watching Gracie graduate from preschool on Friday. Lots of tears for sure!!!
Dr. Fabian had made mention that we would do more scans after two months of treatment so I guess that will occur in the coming weeks. Keep those prayers coming and ask that the cancer is responding! I love you all and wish all of you mothers a glorious day.

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aunt susie said...

I love you and will be sending my best blessings as I walk in Chaska High School's Relay for Life. Your luminaria has been designed by Isabella and will be lit around 9:45, so expect some walking positive thoughts to come your way on Friday night.