Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Up I'm Down No, I'm Up Again

Usually if I don't post on the blog I am feeling too good to sit down and take the time or I am feeling really bad and can't even see the keyboard. This past week or so has been the latter.

I had chemo last Wednesday and I think it was that day that I also caught my cold. The two just don't mix! On top of that I started having some blood pressure problems and was in the ER last Sunday. The chemo makes my BP jump fairly high. I am now on two BP medicines and thus far it has still not come down. I do feel tons better but still pretty tired.
Tomorrow is PET and CT scan day. Please pray that all is shrinking and or all is clear. I will get the results on Wednesday along with my next round of chemo.
It has been a lot of fun wearing my new wig. Some people have to take two or three looks before they realize it's me. Some still just walk right past me in the grocery store. A good friend's husband said that I looked like a "fun gal you'd meet in a bar." I took that as a compliment.
Stay tuned for my test results...... until then have a great week and remember to tell those you love you love them.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Better Days

Sorry to leave you on my last note and not let you know that I am doing much much better.

The terrible pain I was having whenever I ate or drank is almost totally gone. My doctor decided that my esophagus had been fried by the radiation and began treating me for an ulcer. Within three days my pain was gone. We are also hoping that this is the reason for my persistent cough. The cough has gotten better but still not gone. Perhaps that will just take a bit more time.

I am still fatigued but it seems if I keep busy then I forget about it. My second round of chemo is on Wednesday. I feel like I have been released from prison on a good behavior pass and now it's time to return; so I have been diligently trying to get things done around the house and with other responsibilities that I have.

I have decided to wear a wig this time around. It seems the girls main concern about mommy having cancer is that I lose my hair. But instead of going with something that looks like my hair, I have decided to go red. Yes, so if you are looking for me but only see a foxy red head before you, do not be alarmed it is just my altar ego Roxy. Yes, you may call me foxy Roxy!

My hair should start falling out within the next two weeks (it usually happens after the second treatment).

My oldest brother and his family arrive from Tampa in a week for spring break. We are all super excited to spend some time together and hopefully enjoy this warm weather Kansas City has been having!