Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Laying Low

Not much to report which is a good thing. I had chemo last week and will have it again tomorrow. Next week I have a cat scan and PET scan scheduled which will tell us where we are with the cancer. Last month my doctor gave me the indication that I could take a break from the chemo for a while provided their was no growth in tumours and no added activity. Please pray for this. I would love nothing more than to take the summer off and have energy to keep up with the girls.
We have had a great time visiting with both sides of the family for spring break. The McLaughlins came over from Tampa where we celebrated by nephew Alex's 16th birthday and they got to see hopefully our last snow. Aunt Susan got a makeover from Grace (sorry Susan but I just had to post the picture) and the girls learned some new wrestling moves. This past weekend we met Hal's sister and her family in Des Moines for a short visit to the Science Center the hotel pool and some swimming. I am off to Jacksonville the end of April for my yearly girls weekend with my friends from way back. Always such a great time and lots of laughter. Our summer trips include Tampa Minnesota and Colorado. Hence the reason why I want to be rid of chemo and not even think about a doctor's appt!!!!
Please pray for my friend Lori who was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will have surgery on April 15th. Also for Wendy who was admitted to Hospice care and for all women suffering form this dreadful disease. The robins are chirping and I saw some daffodils this morning. Life is good Christ has risen and you are exactly where you need to be. Be good to one another and spread the love.