Monday, September 20, 2010

Day by Day

Peace be with all of you.

I am sorry that it has been so long since I've posted an update. We have had many ups and downs -- usually many times a day and we take each as they come. School has started back in full swing and I've learned that coordinating the activities and all of the school & household chores is a lot of work. For you married folk out there, I pray that you appreciate the gift of each other. My girls are learning to chip in more and more and become helpful and responsible (or at least some of the time).

We have forgotten a couple of lunches and bringing Grace's class a snack to school but I must say that for the most part the kids are where they need to be and completing their school work. My hat is off to all of the single parents out there -- I never knew how much relentless work you experienced. I have learned to take a break from many of my own personal activities in favor of providing more of me to my kids -- at least for now.

We continue to experience His love around us and we spend more time simply appreciating a beautiful sunset that God provides as an amazing display of His beauty through nature. I notice the beauty of my girls much more and try to be conscious to soak in them to be with them in the moment. I pray that being busy (Martha as Ann would say) does not take me or you over. We are finding the blessing of rest on Sunday -- no chores just time together. These girls are such a precious gift and I wish I was able to do more for them. In the end, I know that His love is sufficient for them as well as myself. I pray that I can draw them closer to Him.

We have completed the burial of Ann's remains -- she is in Resurrection Cemetery if you want to stop by the grave. We have attended many Masses offered for her and prayed countless prayers. The girls both have different grieving activities as I know many of you do as well having talked with some of you. I myself struggle at times too - I miss her smile, her laugh, her eyes, ... you get the idea -- but, at the same time, I do not feel that she is not with me. We truly knew that God brought us to our soul mate and that has not ceased even in her death. I continue to be hopeful and want to encourage you to keep focused on the life to come, to trust God in all that you do, to seek His will over your own, and to share your gifts with each other in acts of love / charity.

I do have two other news worthy topics to share with you.

First, Ann's mom died last Friday. August 17, 2010 -- two months to the day later than her daughter. I pray they are together in heaven. Please pray for Glendore McLaughlin.

Second, the CEO of our company informed us a couple of weeks ago that the long term plan would be for the corporate office and accompanying services where I work will be relocated to Denver within the next 2 years (or sooner). For the good of my girls, I will not be able to make that transition -- so, if you know of any good companies in need of an IT guy (Project Manager in Healthcare) please let me know.

Yes - some days it does seem like the book of Job has much to offer for reflection. Perhaps its best said by Mother Teresa ... "Do something beautiful for God today".

My prayers will be with you all.