Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Schools Out For Summer

The girls are out of school and here we sit looking at each other wondering what to do. A list needs to be made of all the things they want to do that don't require money and not much energy on my part. It has been five weeks since my last chemo as my doctor let me skip the last one so that we can get my vocal cord taken care of. My ENT checked it again and found that it is still paralyzed and if it was going to come back on it's own it would have done so by now. So I am scheduled for surgery this Friday. I then have a PET and CT scan on June 1 and will return to my doctor on June 3rd for results. Please pray that my scans are clear so that I will be able to take a break from chemo and enjoy the summer with the girls. We are easing into summer by sleeping in and not making any plans. We would like to take a trip up to Minneapolis to visit with Hal's family and Grace always spends a week with Hal's parents. Zoe is thinking she may join her sister this year which would be great as it makes such great memories for them.
My days are up and down, I am still really tired and hope that each day will bring me closer to the old me. Sometimes I feel the cancer has taken away my character, that my lack of spunk has left me changed. This is a good thing I guess but I wish I could do the things that I have learned since my diagnosis. I wish I could help people. Now more than ever do I know how important it is to help our brothers and sisters in need. For now I accept the help but I pray that God gives me the chance to pay it forward.
As I said before, please pray for good results on my scans and a speedy recovery from my surgery. Have a great rest of the week and remember to spread the love.