Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zoe Rocks!

Thank you everyone who has prayed, called, stopped by, sent notes, and just thought of our tough and amazing Zoe. Thank God she is a forgiving and patient soul with her parents. Hal and I take pride at times saying that we do not worry about things and take days one at a time (we have no choice on the one day at a time part) but we feel we could have prepared a little more on what to expect with Zoe's surgery. All went well but took a good part of the day. She insisted on going to school for as long as she could which once I picked her up was evident on why she loves school so much. The kids in her class were amazing! Every single one of them hugged her telling her good bye, we are praying for you, we love you, and then a classroom hug made the last tear fall. All you parents out there and you Ms. Brown should be very proud of yourselves for the little souls you have been responsible for. So, the rest of the day was Zoe saying hello to all of her regular nurses, doctors, pharmacists, anesthesiologist etc.... She is a regular there as we do her botox at this location 2-4 times a year. They have a lot of fun getting caught up on her life and watching her grow. The surgery entails a cut to the inside of each muscle in her lower leg. They cut it so that it will grow back longer and allow her to get her feet down flat. After the cut they then stretch her feet in a 90 degree angle and then placed casts to each leg just halfway from the knee. She is zooming around with a walker and determined to even get rid of using that. she plans on going to school tomorrow so look out in the hallway!
Our poor planning unfortunately had us miss the wine tasting that our dear friends planned and worked so hard on. We heard that the evening was just awesome and filled with so much love and generosity. That's what it's all about right? We just cannot get over the overpouring of your constant giving and giving to our family. It is sometimes difficult for us accept everything you give. There are so many people who are in need and we intend to pay it forward when we get back on our feet!!!!
Speaking of help. Hal's mom Judith left us on Thursday. The girls continue to call me grandma whenever they need something. She was such a tremendous help and we miss just having her around. Thank you Judith we love you.
Our plans for Thanksgiving were to drive out to Colorado to be with my entire family but just the thought of preparing for it leaves me exhausted and overwhelmed. We are so bummed because even the Mclaughlins from Tampa will be there and the annual beating of the Florida Florida State game will be missed. We love you guys and will be there in spirit and orange and blue.
Have a great Thanksgiving holiday and be sure to lay back and realize all of your many blessings that you are surrounded by each day given to you by our lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Back On Track

The pneumonia had held on for a bit so we held off on doing chemo last week. My chest x-ray had not changed so we decided to let the antibiotics settle and wait another week. So I did get both chemo treatments this past Wednesday. Yippee we are back on track!
Today is Friday and I am feeling blah so my feet are up and taking it easy. Judith is keeping an eye on me closely and not letting me over do it. I seem to have the itch of purging and I don't mean throwing up. Just getting rid of stuff in the house.. clutter.. Poor Hal doesn't know what he is in for this weekend. Not only do I want to get rid of stuff but have decided that if I must sit on the couch and be in my bedroom most of the time then I want to be surrounded by comfort and serenity. A place where I can meditate and heal, to be with God and block out the worldly stuff. Living my day in the present moment and not being anxious about anything.
I attended a wonderful and inspiring retreat at our church last weekend. I am still what I call decompressing from it all. The presence of the Holy spirit was everywhere and was just a great experience! I was so glad that i was feeling well enough to attend but wish I was able to really feel 100% as I felt it was hard for me to truly concentrate and get the whole experience. At times I felt a bit dizzy and overwhelmed but my goodness what a glorious weekend! I know lives have been changed, families have been changed, and Christ is smiling!
Thank you to all of you who worked so hard on making the weekend so awesome!!
Let's see what else is going on in the Schierts house? Well, to add to our craziness, Zoe is scheduled this Friday the 20th for out patient surgery. she will be having both of her Achilles released. This will stretch her out allowing her to get her feet flat and relaxed. She will then be in walking casts for three weeks and after that back in her braces for six months which she will wear with her shoes. Now that she is almost nine years old she can get involved with decisions on her care. She was very grown up asking the doctor questions. Her main concern was if she could shower. The answer is no so she'll have to have sponge baths until the casts come off. Life in the Schiert's household is one fun thing after another!
Judith will be leaving next week and we will miss her!!!! what a God send she has been to us. Not only does she do everything around the house, she has been able to see our daily lives and feel better (I hope) at how we are doing. I know she along with all for you who live and love from far away worry about us but please know that when we say we are doing well, we are. We rely on each other more and have tended to hibernate a bit desiring togetherness. Gracie doesn't even want to go to birthday partys, she'd rather stay home with us (that we may have to worry about a bit). I guess this is where the whole clutter thing is coming from, simplifying our lives.
My hope for you is that you slow down and declutter your lives too. Stop running form here to there. Don't be consumed by the world. Listen to the Holy Spirit. You cannot hear him if you are constantly in motion and saying yes to everything.
Whatever you do, do it in the Lord. Whatever you need to live solidly in his kingdom today—patience with the family, faithfulness at work, joy in your relationships, self-control with food or drink—ask Jesus for it, and know that he will give it to you. Be ready for whatever comes, not out of fear and worry but because the kingdom of God has come, and is always within you.
“Jesus, free me from concerns about the past and fears of the future. Teach me to live in your kingdom today and every day, confident that you will provide everything I need.”
Have a great weekend and remember......before saying yes ask yourself.... DOES IT TIRE ME OR INSPIRE ME?