Monday, April 14, 2008

Bald Is Beautiful

I couldn't stand it any longer. The hair had to go so we made it into a little party. Each kid and even some friends got a chance to cut a piece of my hair before Hal shaved it all off. All of the kids were so fearless and accepting of what was going on. I guess that is what Jesus means to be childlike. Look at things as a child does, with love and acceptance. Just when do we lose those traits?
Thanks to everyone who attended and thank you so much for your support and love. Thanks especially to Kathy Minor for coming over on a moments notice to take some great pictures. I love you Kathy!
This will be short as Grace has been sick and now Hal has caught it. The Schierts family could use a good night sleep tonight!
One last note, I mentioned earlier in my blog that Blingspirations was having a jewelry party at Heidi's tomorrow evening. This has been cancelled as I am embracing my truthfulness and the truth is I just don't have the energy.


Julie Mayfield said...

I want you to know that each time I read your blog tears fill my eyes. One, because I hate the suffering you are going through, but more importantly, because I each time I read what you write, it renews my faith and inspires me to be a better Christian! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are not alone. You are in my prayers. Love, Julie Mayfield

Josie Relph said...

Hey Sweetie - I think your pictures are beautiful! I think of you often and my rosary beads are sure getting a work out. You know that we are sending prayers and positive energy and good karma and whatever else we can come up with your way. Love, Josie