Sunday, April 6, 2008

She's Up She's Down

My treatment was on Thursday and I started feeling it this time on Friday. Thank goodness Hal's parents were here to sweep the girls off after school and take them out for some spoiling. Saturday also had me either on the couch or in bed and then half of today (Sunday) while I was still tired, I was feeling much better and then by end of the day even took a walk with the girls.

So, it looks like I can depend on 2 1/2 days of feeling awful and 4 days of feeling semi human.

My thanks to Heidi for bringing me to treatment last week. I love the fact that we can talk about anything at anytime and obviously anywhere! I love you and am so thankful for your help and constant care for me and my family. Another huge hug and bowing down to two friends Lori and Kelly who finished the St. Louis marathon on Sunday. Your endurance, strength, commitment and craziness amazes me. Lori even called me in the middle of it (can you believe that she could talk)? and told me she was thinking of me. I know how much pain she must have been in yet took the time to call. That gave me such strength for the remainder of the day. Thanks friend!
It is a dreary rainy day in Kansas but the sun is still shining for the KU fans. Rock Chalk Jayhawks. It's a good day to get caught up on mundane chores and snuggle with Grace.
I have treatment on Thursday and another echo cardiogram on Friday. These are getting tiresome and hope they can end soon.
For those of you locals, I am having a Blingspirations party at Heidi's house next Wednesday. I haven't been taking orders due to my lack of energy but this will be a fundraiser for our Relay for Life team. So stop over and take a look at my photo jewelry as I have a few new pieces.
That's it for now. Sorry for the lapse in blogging but you would be amazed at how much energy it sometimes takes to type.
It is such a great feeling to have so many prayers being said for me and my family. Keep it up, He hears you! Be good to one another......
The Lord sends us tribulation and infirmities to give us the means of paying the immense debts we have contracted with Him. Those who have good sense receive them joyfully, for they think more of the good which they derive from them than of the pain they experience on account of them.
-- St Vincent Ferrer

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