Saturday, March 15, 2008

Round 2 Ready For The Fight

Some of you know that my breast cancer came back in October of 2007. We were shocked at the news and just like last time prepared to fight. Although the cancer is not in my other breast, the little demons are in several lymph nodes behind my chest wall and in my sternum. They are fueled by estrogens that still remain in my body even though I had a partial hysterectomy when I had Grace. Since October we have been able to control the cancer with anti hormonal meds. The meds however were hard to handle as they gave me severe arthritis in all of my joints. I've been off the drug for over two months now but the pain remains. Last week my PET scans showed that though the nodes in my chest were shrinking, the sternum was not responding to the meds. It's time for me to attack with chemo. I really did not want to do chemo again but it's not a choice at this time. The plan is six months of chemo. I will get a port a cath put in my chest on March 24th and have my first chemo treatment on March 26th. The plan is to have weekly treatments for three weeks with one week off. I saw a cardiologist last week because the PETis showing increased fluid around my heart. I had an echo cardiogram that confirmed this. Another one is scheduled for next week to see if it continues to rise.If so, they will have to extract it via a needle. You may remember that I have been having severe pain in my joints due to the oral meds I was taking last fall. Well, fluid is showing up on my joints as well so the fluid around my heart could also be due to the Femara drug I was on.

Zoe and I talked this morning about mom being bald. She cried because she thought mommy would look weird. This broke my heart but then we talked about how we love people because of how they are on the inside. She perked up a bit when she came up with the idea that I could wear her Hannah Montana wig. My hope is to let the girls be a part of the head shaving ceremony and make light of the situation.
I will let you know what the cardiologist has to say whenI see him on Friday.



truelson said...


That REALLY sucks moose balls that you have to do chemo again. Big ol' yucky hairy ones (is that inapproriate for the first comment on your blog?). I gave away my awesome wig, or I'd send it your way (you probably woudn't wear it anyway!).

I'm praying and praying for you my dear. I'm praying you have a beautiful complete response to chemo and that the fluid on your heart and joints resolves completely w/ going off Femara. And, I’ll pray also that the chemo, while harsh on the cancer, is gentle to you.

Hang in there Ann.

All my love,


Anonymous said...

Schierts ~ You continue to be in my prayers and I'm here for you if you need anything at all.

By the way, you might see my mom at the Cancer Center - she starts volunteer work next week.

Thinking of you ~ Anna

Anonymous said...

I love you on starlit nights and full moon nights. I love you with and without hair. I send the best of healing and health to all my toads in Kansas, and I'm cheering for the Jayhawks too.
aunt susie

Anonymous said...

Ann, you'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. You are an incredibly strong and beautiful woman. Hang in there! Your friend, Gina Capelo

Anonymous said...

Ann, Hal, Zoe, and Grace,

The Eckardts send their love and prayers. Fight the good fight, Ann. You have us in your corner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear;

You inspire me! I am so glad to have your blog. I have wondered nonstop how your week has gone. Praise God that you got some relief from PT. Thanks for reminding me of God's plan and all the goodness in it. He is talking through you!
Love you bunches and miss you,

Hal said...
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