Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mom's got a Big Boo Boo

Grace was impressed with the bandage on my chest and thought I deserved to watch what I wanted to on TV.

The procedure was pretty uneventful and I was home by 11 am. I am still very tired and am laying here with Grace because she woke up at 5 am with the stomach flu. Yuck!

Thank goodness I have the world's best husband as he took care of her needs so that I could sleep. Tomorrow will be my first round of chemo. People ask me how I'll do. The answer is I have no idea. Only time will tell.

Thanks to all of you for helping our family. All of the meals, childcare, inspirational cards, letters, and e mails are all such blessings to us and we so appreciate you!

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Anonymous said...

YOU are the inspiration! We are all fighting this fight w/ you Schierts Family!!