Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ready! Set! Come Back Tomorrow

It was a long day at the Cancer Center yesterday. First to the lab to access my new port which was NO FUN. I am still pretty tender since they just put it on Monday, so when they come at you with a big needle and put it right where it is sore, ya tend to jump a bit. The good news is they were successful and the chemo nurse can now use the same spot without sticking me again.
An hour in between was a nice lunch break. Sarah came with me and spent the day keeping me smiling. After lunch it was on to meet with my doctor. She was swamped as usual and way behind so we ended up waiting quite a long time. When I did finally see her we talked about my pain. She remains stumped as to why I am still in such dire pain. She plans to contact the arthritis doctor again and talk about possible cortisone shots in the joints. She made mention that she doesn't think that the pain is from the drug I was taking but possibly from the tumours themselves. I really doubt that since the onset of the pain began when I started taking the drug. I just have to believe that the pain will disappear at some point. I do start physical therapy today so I am hoping that it will help somewhat.
Well, by the time we got to the infusion room for my chemo it was already 4 o' clock and too late to start. It would take three hours to infuse and by that time everyone would be gone home.
So we have rescheduled for today at 2. I think the nurse was ready for me to complain and give her a hard time but the reality is everything happens for a reason and the good lord was helping me out in some way.
Thank you Sarah and mom and dad for arranging your schedule around me. Thank you all who are jumping in and offering to pick up the girls and get them to where they need to go. I have said it before and I will continue to praise our wonderful Sacred Heart community for your unselfish love and devotion to our family.
Take the time today to slow down, be still for a moment and give thanks for the many blessings that you have.

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tim said...

Hi Ann, It does not surprise me that you have such loving and caring friends. “Bird’s of a feather” I’ve met a lot of them and they are true friends. My favorite comment is about Hal he is the best and I am so happy that you found each other. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you guys very much!

His Way is Perfect

Every situation we go through is God’s perfect will. It is precisely the necessary one. So praise God for each situation.

Accept yourself exactly as you are and as you feel. We have to be content to be what he chooses to be in us at the moment.

You cannot tell what God has for you, or what future purpose he might have in the experience you are going through right now.
Just keep doing what you feel at the present he is giving you to do. He has perfect purpose for all that is happening to you, even if at the moment it is not clear.

The single eye of faith enables us to remain free within, regardless of outward circumstances. We are to accept fully the situation of the moment he has us in and the way we feel towards it, knowing that it is for the purpose of manifesting his life in us.

Because he was determined to take us this way, he does not see the confusion, heaviness or perplexity, but only his next step in his perfect plan, and he is the one who will bring it to pass.