Sunday, July 18, 2010

We all miss Ann!!!

Zoe here - At 4:00AM was probably the worst goodbye and crying and emotions shared in room 21. My mom died with love and hope & some memories to carry with her to heaven. A double rainbow that Mike talked about that appeared right out on our front doorstep on Friday after the storm welcoming her to heaven.

We Love You Mom!!!

Ann Elizabeth Schierts 1966-2010


Tiffany said...


You are an amazing young much of it because of what your mom taught you. Hold on to all those memories forever. I told my mom to welcome your mom to heaven and show her around...I'm sure she's giving her the grand tour. If you ever need to talk, call me. Love you, Miss Tiffany

Lisa said...

Dear Zoe and Grace,

You are both brave, strong girls and your mom was and is so proud of you both! Your mom was a great person, so kind and always smiling. She was full of love, mostly for both of you and your dad.

Always remember you have your dad and millions of friends and family here for you. You will always be with people who know and love your mom... and will always love you, too!

Take care,
Lisa Carrithers
(friend of your mom's from Relay)

Anonymous said...

Miss Zoe Rae,

I am so proud of your strength during this time. Please know how many people care for your family! Sacred Heart will always be a safe place for you. My classroom doors are always open. I am thinking of your family.

God Bless,
Miss Brown