Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Double Rainbow

Mike Book here, filling in for Hal, who has not left Ann's side for several hours. Ann has been moved to the Hospice House. We do not know when her Father will call her home, but it will likely be soon. She has said goodbyes. There have been tears, smiles, kisses and laughter. We were reminded today that God is not in the thunder, He is not in the wind, He is not in the storm. No, He is the slightest whisper. He is the double rainbow that appeared over Ann's house today after the tempest blew over. He is the "I love you" that has been repeated so many times today. I have witnessed His beauty in the selfless love poured out by friends and family, and by Ann and Hal as they openly share the precious gift of allowing us all to participate in these moments. There is no greater love than to give your life for your friends. I love you Ann.


Kristen said...

I couldn't sleep tonight thinking about Ann and then came on here and read your post, Mike.
Thank you for the update and what a beautiful sentiment.
It is always good to remember at the end of many storms shines the most beautiful of rainbows.

Sallie said...

Ann is a light and rainbow in herself. She has made my faith ever so much stronger by all her words in her posts. I do not know her personally, but feel as if I know her spiritually. Her angel wings are awaiting her to fly to a place where there is no pain and only JOY! God Bless. Sending love to her family from S.C.

Anonymous said...

I too think of Ann every day and keep her and her family in my prayers. She is a strong part of my life and although we have not seen each other in years, many wonderful memories are shaped by her participation. To me the double rainbow signifies Ann's soul and Jesus coming together for her destination to heaven. I rest easy knowing that she will watch over all of us as an angel of God. Forever forward if someone asks who my hero is -- the answer will always be Ann Schierts. Her faith and devotion never falters even when faced with the ultimate circumstance. I love you Ann, you are my hero and my forever friend and soon to be my angel. God bless your family. Your friend -- Candace

Anonymous said...

I got the e-mail from Lori early this morning that told of Ann's passing. Hal, Zoe, and Grace - - my heart and prayers go out to you. Knowing Ann and how she approached every situation in a positive, calm, and dignified way, I am sure her passing was the same. She has left behind her earthly body, which at times has caused great difficulty and pain, and she is now sitting with Jesus. She will live forever in our hearts and memories, and we have many good ones to share!

All my love- -
Jenifer Gardner

Anonymous said...

I just TODAY, found Ann on Facebook. I am sitting here, at my computer, in shock and feeling guilty that she isn't doing the same.

She is such an INCREDIBLY vibrant person. Happy and pretty. We were friends in high school and I will always remember her sense of humor, her positive attitude and mostly, her infectious smile.

She now, will be an angel to many people. And she will never be forgotten.

God Bless you, Hal and your beautiful girls.

Theresa Bender Manry

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of Ann's passing. Your family is in our prayers. God Bless you Ann.

Scott Kinder
SHS Classmate

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of Ann's passing as well. She was a great classmate and after reading her blogs and seeing her pictures, she grew into a wonderful person, wife and mother. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. May peace be with you Ann.

Donna Huthmacher Clark
SHS classmate