Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sneaking Away

Hi All, it's me Ann giving Hal the break this time. I am up in my room listening to the all the sweet sounds of all my nephews and Zoe and Grace having fun blowing up a 2 second firecracker. Oh do you remember those days?
My three brothers along with their families are all here enjoying memories and creating more. even though i am exhausted and in some pain, I continue to ask God to keep me in the present, to let me hold on to this present that he has given to me. I keep reminding the girls that this is so rare where we can come together and celebrate our lives and to see each other in this atmosphere for the last time. How many people get this? How many people just leave this earth in an instant? Truly a blessing is all I can say.
Hal has told you all about the miraculous angels that flutter about all day and I think about how this is just an average day for the heavenly angels though we are too busy to stop and take notice.
You should see my beautiful room that I have. all you ladies have such talent and my peaceful room painted a serene blue with hints of pinks and whites so much remind me of my heavenly mother who awaits me. I can' t tell you the peace and serenity I feel each time I take the moment to rest in there. I am not ready to make it my full time residence just yet but oh how good it will be when I do. This past week has transpired into such a fantastic love fest and Jesus awakes me every morning with a smile on his face and a sort of slant in his neck saying "ready yet"? No lord, I'm not. Then he sends one of his angels named Sarah and we begin our day reading scripture and worshiping his name.
Thank you all for respecting our privacy, I know this is hard on you and that you only wish to see me and make sure I am ok but it does take a lot of energy for me each day to talk as my voice has gotten much weaker and I rely on my oxygen throughout the day.
I have read each card and feel your love, know that I am goood and dressed and even showered each day! I receive communion every afternoon and just watch and listen to the day.
The girls are so smart and so helpful. They understand as much as possible and really show their faith by talking about what is to come and what is troubling them. Although nothing is wrong in their world this second as their older cousins help them turn into little pyromaniacs.
Until the next time my friends, keep this love for me and spread it others who have no one to pray for them. I can share I can share.


dr kay said...

Thanks so much Ann, for filling us in on how things are going for you and the family. I want to come and check on you but I know how much it would take for you to spend even just a few minutes with all of us who love you - so I stay here and pray for all of you. It makes me smile to hear that you have had a wonderful day with your family. I'm sure Our Lord will shower many more blessings on all of you in the upcoming days to let you know He is right there in your midst, just waiting patiently for you. The volley of prayers being sent heavenward for all of you must be an incredible noise to those who can hear them!
From the gospel for today - "...rejoice because your names are written in heaven" Luke 10:20.
All of our love - Mark, Kay, Genevieve and Katie.

heather morrow said...

Ann, it's wonderful to hear from you and know that you're surrounded by those you hold dear. Your journey and your faith are such an inspiration to myself and my family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Hal and your beautiful girls. Much love, Heather

Vickey said...

Ann, you and your family are remarkable. You and your family are in our prayers and will continue being in our prayers.

The Broxterman's

Zonna said...

Ann, glad your family made it in to celebrate the 4th. Thank you for sharing your faith & trust in God's plan. I remember from MOMS our numerous discussions on "giving it up to God and never forgetting that he is in control." You are a valiant woman! May the love and prayers of those around you bring Peace and comfort to you, Hal and the girls. Love, Zonna, Steve, Kenna, Madeline & Leah

Angie said...

Ann it is so wonderful to hear from you! You are remarkable...God has a perfect spot waiting for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. It sounds as though you are having many moments of grace with all those surrounding you. Prayers of peace, grace and comfort.
Love and hugs- Angie, Kurt, Anthony, Audrey and James

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann for making my day brighter with your words. You paint such a beautiful picture of what is going on around you! I wish I could be there to give you a hug and sing one more "landslide" together. Brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. Love from your Este sister.

Amanda Dueck said...

I remember when I first heard your story years ago at the Y, I thought: What an incredible attitude! That Ann is a rock solid human being! I know for a fact that I was right on the money with you, girl. Despite the difficulty of the words in the blog, you manage to maintain your inner peace and beauty in admirable graciousness. It comes through your words just as clearly as it shines through that beautiful smile. It is a precious thing that you have family and friends around you filling you with love and laughter and all things normal and good. These are the moments that matter. "And in the end, it's NOT the years in your life that count. It's the LIFE in your years." --Abraham Lincoln
With love and all the positive energy, thoughts and prayers I can project your way,

Mary Ann Brown said...

I have followed you from afar for the past few years since Grace and Michael were in preschool together. I have admired your faith and strength and want you to know how inspirational you and your husband have been for me. Thank you so much for that gift that I know you didn't even know you were giving me. I will continue to think of you and pray for you and your family.

Lori said...

So happy to hear that your girls are getting their pyro lessons in early! I am feeling the joy you must be feeling having your family close. Nothing compares. I was thrilled to see that you were up to blogging today. I love you, my beautiful friend! See you soon. Lori

Anonymous said...

Ann, thanks so much for the update. I do think about how you're doing and I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the present and that you're surrounded by so much love. Thank you for sharing; you've shared more than you'll ever know. Much love and many prayers, Anna

Anonymous said...

Ann, thanks so much for the update. I do think about how you're doing and I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the present and that you're surrounded by so much love. Thanks for sharing - you've shared more than you'll ever know. Much love and many prayers, Anna

hawley.mark said...

I am sorry we have never met; I only know you through the story sharing from your Jacksonville friends and your blog. But I want you to know what a tremendous faith inspiration you are. If God has a rank for angels you are a 4-star General! Thank you for sharing so much. Mark

Anonymous said...

Ann, you are always in my thoughts & prayers. Enjoy your time with your family! You are truly an amazing person and an inspiration to us all! Kristie

tracie k said...

Anne and Hal,

I've known you both through various activities, however, not really on a personal level. I just have to tell you that your spirit, your faith and your love for everything and everyone is absolutely inspirational. You have taken Grace to a whole new level. I wish for both of you and for your girls, peace in the days to come. May God continue to give you more good days than bad. May your strength and story continue to bring people closer to God, their family and learn to appreciate life just a little more. You will always be in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your life with us all. God Bless, Tracie Kersey

Lisa said...

Just another note from your friends here in TX! We are so glad you are enjoying time with your families. You are all so strong, so inspirational and so loved! We are thinking of you every day! Much love, Lisa, Scott, Walker & Max

Anonymous said...

Just as I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering how your weekend was, I was so glad to read your blog! I'm so glad you are enjoying the room, it really is heavenly! Thinking of you always, see you soon. Gwen

Anonymous said...

Ann, Hello I am Colleen's sister in law (married to her only brother). Colleen shared the blog with us today and I personally want to thank you for all the support you have been thru Laurie's(Colleen's sister) 2nd time around with Breast Cancer. Bless you!

This comment you wrote "I keep reminding the girls that this is so rare where we can come together and celebrate our lives and to see each other in this atmosphere for the last time. How many people get this?" in your note is too too close to home. I lost my Mother Aug 16 2006 while she was traveling abroad in Wales (she was doing what she loved to do) We were in so much shock and forget about all the day in day out things that occur that we share and don't know that the time is near. (her cause of death was related to the adhesions she had developed from her surgerys related to Sarcoma)

Thank you for being strong for your family and living each day as they come. Please know you have made a huge difference in the O'Shea Family and thank your family for allowing the O'Sheas to share a part of you.


Anonymous said...

Ann, thank you for the update. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. (I too spent time with my family over the 4th and we discussed how wonderful it is to spend time as a family) All my love, Trish

Anonymous said...

Ann, I have been thinking of all the crazy things we've done thru the years! Too many to write about, but just wanted to say hey and remember I'll see ya later! Robin

Kathy Coffman said...

Hello Ann

I appreciate the update. We have been praying for you all. You make me and the rest of my family stronger from your outstanding faith. Kaley stated on Sunday that you should be named " Saint Ann of Kansas" I know you would prefer to be a Gator Saint. You are a Saint to us with your sharing of your amazing faith through the awful cancer. We love you all so very much. Kathy, Sam, Kaley and Sammy Coffman

Ryan Plattner said...

You are such a remarkable person and an inspiration to all your family and friends. Thanks for being such a special friend to Gwen and I. Thoughts and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann!

I loved reading your July 4th post - July 4th was my son, Colby's, favorite day of the year. As you know, he is in Heaven and I have to believe, with every ounce of my being, that he is happy, safe & sound!

I hope to see you again! Please let me know if there is ever, anything in the world, I can do to help you or anyone you love! xoxoxox, Lori Lober

Much love from the Porter Family: Rob, Kristi, Katie, Emilie, Clive, Alton, & Baby said...

The Porter family continues to pray for your entire family Hal & Ann. I know there is a reason I was suppose to hear your witness that day and a reason the Lord has brought all of our Sisters in Christ together through CRHP. Your spirit has touched my spirit Ann. One of my favorite songs is "You Never Let Go" by Matt Redman (you can find it on It completely speaks to me about you and your love for the Lord. I praise the Lord for having met you and your inspirational spirit-you are Awesome Ann!

Candace Christe said...

Ann you continue to inspire me and always will until the day that I am fortunate enough to be with the Heavenly Father! You are a remarkable woman with an unwavering spirit. The beauty of your words, the positive and faithful attitude and the little wisecracks remind me so much of what life has to offer and to make the most of every single moment. I tried to send cards but I must have a bad address since they keep coming back -- but know that I think of you everyday and I pray that our most wonderful God will offer you and your family comfort and peace. I love you friend...Candace

Cheryl said...

Hi Ann! I don't think I've ever told you this before, but you have always been my favorite cousin. I know we never lived close by or had the chance to really get to know each other, but when we did see each other, I only remember getting that comfortable feeling as though we were old friends who just hadn't seen each other in a while. Your sense of humor, positive attitude, and graciousness throughout this journey has been amazing! You will always be an inspiration to me! It is a great relief to know you are surrounded by such love and feeling such peace. I love you cousin! Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann for your inspiring words. I just found out about your prognosis from my foster daughter who had her pictures done by your friend Kathy Minor.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your beautiful girls and your husband.

Ingrid Maehl

Anonymous said...

Ann-Thank you so much for your inspirational words. I just found out about your prognosis from my foster daughter who had her pictures done by your friend Kathy Minor.

You, your beautiful girls and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kim Frazier said...


I just got a phone call about you and got on your blog to get the updates. My heart just broke. I wanted so badly to believe... to know that the treatments would work and that you would be ok. You held a flashlight for me once at the Relay for Life while I gave a speech. You have held my heart since.

Please know that you, Hal and the girls are in my prayers. You are all remarkably strong. I know God has helped give you that strength and he is waiting for you with open arms. You are a true inspiration Ann. A fighter. You will make one hell of an angel.

All my love and prayers - Kim Frazier

Anonymous said...

Ann, Hal, and girls:
We are so sorry to hear it has come to this. We have watched your family through this and were amazed at the strength you have shown externally and internally during this fight. We pray that the Grace of Jesus continue to support you and your family always and let us know if there is anything we can do. You have shown us to live each day to the fullest. May God always bless your family now and forever.
Gerald, Phyllis, Amanda, and Erin Ritter

Anonymous said...


I've been thinking about you and praying for you a lot. I check in on your blog and facebook regularly to see how you are doing. I've shared it with my family and friends because your journey and faith are inspiring. I know you have heard that a lot lately, but it's true!! We are all on a faith journey, and for me I so fear the suffering and try at all costs to dodge it, always wondering if I could walk in grace with my suffering as you have. When great suffering comes to me one day, I will remember you and your faith in our Lord. I know that suffering is a blessing because it brings us closer to him and away from our temporal world and needs, but still it is so hard.

I know you have touched many lives with your blog and I hope that Hal will continue it -- what a wonderful man you have there! And those beautiful girls!! How I wish my girls could meet them (I have a Grace too)!

Many, many blessings to you Ann. Much Love to you and your family,

Nancy Babb Maggio

Kelly Ruiz said...

Ann, Hal, Zoe, and Grace,
You all have been in my prayers - that peace and love fills your hearts. You are all so full of faith and I know your faith will guide you in the coming days. God bless you all.

With love,
Kelly, Rich, and Gabriela

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann!!!

I hope you got my last message I sent, but if you didn't, no problem. I just wanted you to know I have felt so connected to you especially praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet these past few days. What I really wanted to tell you is that I am in St. Paul MN at the National Ministry of Morhers Conference, and I am dedicating all my time and work here to you. I LOVED when you and Marisue and I facilitated MOMS. Wow, I fell in love with you through those 8 weeks and my love for you will never end. Many many women at
this conference are lifting you and Hal and Zoe and Grace
up sky high:) Sr. Paula and the Sisters of St. Benedict here are especially holding you in their beautiful prayers. Oh
also, I visIted St. Paul's Cathedral (National Shrine of St.
Paul) and wrote your family's names and intention in their prayer request log on the perpetual adoration chapel!!! I
was absolutely blown away at how beautiful that Cathedral
is, and I was so so honored to write your name in the book. I love you Ann. I have hated not being able to see you lately, but we have all eternity to be friends. Thank you for teaching me so much.
You much love to you,

Tripp Family said...

You are in our constant thoughts and prayers... we are so inspired by you and your family and how your amazing faith and love has lead you through this journey. I treasure my moments of seeing you. Peace dear friend - peace.
Much Love - Nora, Mike, Emily and Brady