Saturday, July 17, 2010

In the arms of Jesus

Peace be with you all -

Ann passed on to our Lord at 4 am today. She passed in peace while I was holding her hand. I love her so much and there is certainly an emptiness in the house today. I know that she is in the love of God with all of her pain removed. She will remain connected to us all and we now have a beautiful soul in heaven advocating for us.

The day she passed while a blur was at the same time sacred - I was by her side doing my best not to be the Martha but instead witnessing the love being poured out on her by our heavenly Father through the double rainbow Mike mentioned as well as so many caring friends and family. She spent many moments of prayer through the weeks and days leading up today. She witnessed rosaries being said for her on our driveway -- what a witness to the children. She had the opportunity to be well prepared for her death by Father Craig and she was at extreme peace.

If I were to have a message in this it would be twofold. 1) I heard Ann say it many times; slow down be open to how God is working around / through each of us; we have such a tendency to rush to fill the void of needs with our own skills / approaches that we, at times, prevent God from doing the work that is His -- when God answers it is elegant and flows with love; 2) Focus more on the hope of heaven rather than the challenges of this earthly life. As I said to Zoe and Grace, its ok for us to have boo hoo's (down moments) but we need also to looking for the woo hoo's (up moments) as well. Please, please, please, let Ann's passing not become a stumbling block for you with God. This disease, cancer, was the culprit not some uncaring or sadistic action of God. God is good and I am very comforted by the knowledge that my dear lovely Ann is with Jesus.

Zoe, Grace and I now take up the process of grieving as I know many of you will do in your way as well. Please know that we will forever trust in the Lord and in His goodness.

Ann -- save that dance for me when I join you.



Tiffany said...


Our hearts are heavy for you and the girls today, though we rejoice that Ann is with her heavenly father and free of her earthly pains and struggles.

You and Ann have been an amazing inspiration to all of us who have had the privledge of following your journey. I, too, experienced the grieving and "boo hoo" moments that you are sure to have. What helped was my continued faith in the Lord and that He was in control of a greater plan, a faith I am positive you possess.

Please do not hesitate to lean on us...we're here for you as you would be for us. God's peace be with you. Love, Tiffany Bohm

Anonymous said...

And may peace be with you and your girls as you grieve.
The way you all have persevered through your “boo-hoo” moments has been nothing short of inspirational. Please know that you are surrounded by love, just as Ann is. May her memory be eternal.
Much love ~ Anna

Lisa said...

Dear Hal, Zoe and Grace,

We join you in grieving the loss of our dear friend, Ann. We will keep her spirit alive with the lessons she taught us on how to live a good life and enjoy what is really important - family, friends and God. Ann loved you all so much and never hesitated to talk about her wonderful husband and 2 great daughters! I know she's continuing that love from Heaven.

May memories of Ann and her love for all of you help your hearts through this difficult time.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Lisa, Scott, Walker & Max Carrithers (friends from Relay)

Anonymous said...

Hal, Grace & Zoe,

May family and friends surround you in this time of loss. Know that Ann is always with you now and forever. Take time for the "boo hoo" moments as well as time for all the wonderful memories you all created as a family. Know that Ann surrounds you with her love always.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Friends from Relay,
Chris, Don & Christopher

marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Hal, I am so very sorry to read about Ann. Everyone out here wishes you and your family the strength and support to get through these difficult days. I am sure that Ann is gazing down with love and smiles at her beautiful family and friends. She was a treasure and a blessing to have here on Earth. She has moved on to another beautiful home where she will be embraced and loved.
All the best to you. Remember to smile & laugh when you can, it will help ease the pain.
Love to you all.

Miss Amy said...

Dear Hal and Zoe, thank you for comforting us with your beautiful words. Know that in the days, months, and years to come, your voices will continue to echo the love, faith, and compassion Ann brought to this world.

Much love to you all.

Amy Marcum

Leigh said...

Hal, Zoe and Grace,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God continue to be your strength.

Leigh & Jason Scherer
(Billings, MT)

Tim said...

Love you Hal and see you soon -T

Anonymous said...

Hal and girls,

I learned of Ann's passing on Saturday and have kept her in my prayers each day since. Today I was sorting through the cards we received a year ago at this time when we lost our little girl, Margaret Mary. I found one from Ann that has this quote from St. Thomas Moore: "Earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal". And I know that your family is an incredible witness to this truth. That the pain is not so much in the thought that we will never see the ones we love again, but that we cannot know how long until we meet again in heaven. I pray that your family have peace and strength, persevering in all your struggles until that joyous day. May God Bless you and keep you.

-Sasha Conrad

Anonymous said...

Hal, Zoe & Grace -
My heart is heavy to think of the loss of such a wonderful woman on earth, but filled with happiness that Ann is no longer in pain. Her words of wisdom and faith will live on.

Praying for God's peace and love to surround you through all of the hard moments and rejoicing for all of the wonderful memories.

Jen Johnson