Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothing Beats Home

It is so awesome to be home and so comforting to be home with my family. This past week was certainly unexpected and stressful but at the same time gave us some peace and much needed calm to our lives. I am doing well but a bit shaky and uneasy on my feet. I am not sure if it because I have been in bed all week or if it is symptoms from the radiation. Regardless, if you see me lost I know you will all help me find my way back on the right path. I have completed five out of fifteen treatments and should be done by first week in January. I have started on another anti hormonal therapy drug which will be a wait and see if this works kind of thing. I wish I could be more specific with what the plan is but that's the beauty of life, we have no control nor plan, just the peace and trust in God to see us through. I hope you are letting Him see you through your tough days. Not just the trying to catch up with presents and Christmas cards, but the hard times,the crosses that we all bare and are sometimes just too busy to see. Take the time to listen to what you most need right now. I dare you to sit down and look out your window at the beautiful arrangement God has put before you today. Give your crosses to Him and begin a new day!
I can't tell you how overjoyed I was at being able to attend the girl's Christmas show last night.They were so excited and so beautiful and so darn grown up. It was also so nice to see alot of you and be enveloped with so much love and warmth. Thank you over again!


heather morrow said...

ann, you continually amaze me with your strength, your spirit and your faith. thank you for sharing your journey with all of us and for reminding us what's truly important in life.

wishing you and yours a blessed holiday!

much love,

Josie said...

Good morning! I have been sharing your Christmas card with some of your former co-workers. They are so happy to see what beautiful young ladies your daughters are growing up to be. Chuck and Sue and Susan and Karen all send their love and prayers. Support and love for you all just keeps spreading like ripples in a pond!

Love, Josie.

p.s. I put in an order for mint brownies with Chuck!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Hi, Ann!

I hope you were feeling well today and have a wonderful Christmas! I think of you often. Wishing you a 2009 filled with healing, family, and friends. Hugs to you.
Jen Johnson