Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ann Experiments With Drugs

Tuesday was filled with one scan after another. They looked at everything from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and thankfully found nothing of concern. Another appointment with the doc Wednesday and then up to the treatment room for my very first dose of an experimental drug they have no idea what will do to me (sounds like I am back in college again). I asked if they gave out special t-shirts to the very few of us who have been "chosen" for the clinical trial but no such luck. The med was uneventful and I was home by 7:30. My love and thanks go out to my wife Sarah for dropping what she had planned on her day off and coming with me. You can always ease my mind and make me laugh even when I am sitting naked in a room with you awaiting the results of some pretty scary tests. Thanks friend!!!
I feel good today and did my usual things. I will be back at the cancer center every two weeks for the treatment until they tell me to stop coming.
To those of you who are concerned. We are doing well. The girls have been informed that a wee little bit of mom's cancer either stuck around after chemo or missed me so much they have come back. They give me extra loving which I will take any day and they remind me of pure acceptance and love no matter if mom's hair looks like a boys'.
Happy Advent to all!

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