Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone -- Hal again....

Through the many caring hands God provided over the past days, Ann was well enough to come home tonight! The family was able to sit down together for dinner provided by friends and light the candles on the Advent wreath as we talked about the day's events. I commented that I thought our family had received an early Christmas gift -- Ann coming home. And, that it was about the best gift we could receive. It was then that Grace piped up and said "Except for Jesus being born"...Ann and I smiled and cherished the moment.

So, I type this message of praise and thanks to all who helped us thus far through this journey. There remains 11 additional radiation treatments, recuperation from being in the hospital and whatever else lies ahead but we know that God works all things to good if we cooperate in His plan with each other. It is really an amazing thing to watch God at work through each of you -- please know that you are remembered in our prayers each day.

This was likely my last ghost writing session as I expect Ann to take back over this blog tomorrow and beyond -- this is good news as her humor is much better than mine.

May God bless you.

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Anonymous said...

Ann, Hal, and young LADIES: We are glad to see that you are home. We know how those little ER runs and extended stays in the hospital can really turn a household upside down. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you. We are having our Blood Drive today at Sacred Heart .... it is in honor of you and all of those of the parish that are fighting battles like year. Our prayers are with you, Chad, Sheryl and Boys.