Monday, June 30, 2008

One More To Go!

My counts were up and I was able to have chemo last week. I never thought I would ever pray that I could have chemo, but that's exactly what I was doing. I was afraid that my cold would bring my counts down even more which would make the docs say my body wasn't up for chemo and then I would have to postpone until this week. My counts were really good and the pee scare turned out to be no big deal. So this Thursday will be my LAST treatment. The thought of that is what gets me through these days. I expect it will take some time before my energy returns completely just as long as I can start playing with the girls and making the rest of their summer really fun. Of course they are real troopers and with the help of all of you have been enjoying their vacation. I am thinking about taking them to Colorado at the end of the month to visit my family but that will be a last minute decision based on how I am felling and if I can handle driving 10 hours with my little beauties.
Our Relay for Life was a great success and as usual very emotional. We raised as of today $141,000. Thanks especially to the Giving Girls team who were formed in my honor and consist of all my friends and their kids. You guys rock and are so impressive with how much you care about others and can come up with the greatest ideas on how to take care of them. I love you guys!

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