Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, I went in for my last treatment last Thursday and they told me my counts were too low and that I could not have treatment that day. I pleaded saying it was mt last one but after looking at my white blood cell count, it was pretty evident that it wasn't happening. They gave me another shot in the arm to boost my counts up and I was on my way. The good news is that I don't have to make up the treatment, I am officially done. The bad news is the shot has given me joint and bone pain, really bad headaches, and I am having trouble sleeping. I love to sleep and just cannot get my mind to rest and get a good deep sleep which leaves me in a trance all day. I am not sure how long this is supposed to last but just keep praying that it is soon. It will probably be another month before I get my energy back and another two before my hair starts to grow back. God has a plan, this I know but I keep pleading with Him to just let me get back to my old self again. In time I know I will get there, for now I will just continue to learn more and be amazed about life, God, family, and friends.

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