Thursday, June 5, 2008

The last two weeks have been my worst yet. My energy level has been low and I cannot get enough sleep. It is a terrible feeling to take a nap and feel just as fatigued as when you laid down. Damn chemo! As I write this I am sitting in the treatment room awaiting my chemo cocktail. My red and white blood cell counts are very low which accounts for my fatigue. This will be the last of this cycle which marks the half way point. Three months down three to go. Tomorrow I will go in for my PET and CT scans but will not get the results until next Wednesday when we meet with the doctor. Please say extra prayers that the tumors are shrinking and that I can retain my energy.
Much love and gratitude go out to my lovely ladies who made my birthday not pass by with out a little fun. Thank you for the great gifts and for the fun night at the movies. I feel like I should apologize for my lack of spunk but I know that you guys understand.
Even more love goes out to my husband as he has taken on the role of mom and dad. It saddens me that I cannot do most of what I used to not not only because what I do has somehow defined who I am, but also because he now has to carry the load for the family.Of course he does it with a smile and always a kiss on the top of my bald head. He does have a lot of help from all of you guys too. We are so blessed to have help with housekeeping, meals, and childcare.
That's all for now. Remember to kiss your kids and spouse today!


aunt susie said...

You are amazing! Each day you are in my thoughts with admiration, love, and hope for a better day of kicking that cancer. Since I don't have kids to kiss - pass along my kisses to your girls, your spouse; and ask Hal to plant an extra kiss on your head from me.
Fare Forward!
Tons of love,
Aunt Susie

Jen Thomas said...


I wanted you to know that you and your family are in our daily prayers. We will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending extra prayers that you get good news on your scans.


Jen Thomas

Cheryl said...

We all new HE could work miracles! And who more deserving than you! You have inspired us and our families and if ever there was doubt in HIM there should be no more! Thanks for your sharing your journey and showing us how belief in HIM can make a difference!