Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye KU Hospital

I was told today that tomorrow I will be discharged. YAHOO is all I can say to that! Oh and AMEN. It has been a long 15 days here at KU hospital and although the entire staff is nothing but fabulous, I am ready to go home and see my family and sleep in my oh so missed sleep number bed.
Let's see what has happened since Hal last blogged for me (and what an incredible job he did. He has such a great way with words. I told him that he could take over for me anytime. Thanks honey I love you). Last Friday I had a simple procedure done in the radiology department where they inserted a filter in my chest which does just that, it filters any clots that may produce and catches them before they can gather in my lung.
Yesterday they put me under and did a laproscopy to my right lung. The CT scans were still showing strange nodules and so we decided the laproscopy could tell us more. Well it did, it told us that there was definitely no cancer in the lung and that the most probable reason why I began bleeding in the first place was because of the blood thinner they had me on. Such great news!!!! The new plan of action is to put me on a very low dose of coumadin (a blood thinner) and send me home. I am feeling pretty good, a bit tired but good.
I can't wait to get back to Shawnee and see all of you and personally thank you once again to seeing that me and my family were taken care of. Your love for us shows in all the little and great things that you so unselfishly take on.
Hal's parents are here and as usual have been a huge help. They got here and immediately took charge of what needed to be done. It's so nice that they know the kid's schedule and can just take over at a moment's notice. I see the Holy Spirit surrounding us and teaching us the value of family and closeness. If it wasn't for my illness we wouldn't have the opportunity to spend so much valuable time together.
My family starts to arrive soon as well. My mom will be here for Zoe's birthday next week (weather permitting) if the snow is too bad then she'll just come when my brother and his family arrives for Spring break. I sense a Wii rock band tournament happening. We weren't able to get together over Thanksgiving so I just can't wait to see them in March.
Well, my time is almost up as I am using the resource center in the cancer unit and I can't hog the computer. I just wanted to give ya'll a quick update and to tell you that I love you and can feel the prayers that you have so lovingly said over and over again. This was yet just another bump in the road for us and our plan is to continue on and battle whatever comes next. But for now our plan is to be together and appreciate one another and put this behind us.


Lynne said...

Oh YAY Ann! So happy this is behind and prayers from MI!

Sallie said...

You astound me! Your power of positive prayer should be bottled up and sold. Really, I am delighted that you are going (or are already) home. Send love and prayers from S.C.