Friday, October 2, 2009

What a change in the weather we are having here in KC. Super windy and cold, too much too soon. Where did summer go? Bring back those lazy days..........
Speaking of lazy days that's just what i am doing, hanging out with my feet up being served by grandma. Ahhhh. It has taken time to accept all this help you all provide but we have come to learn that this is what God asks of all of us, to serve one another. Some day soon I hope I can return it back to all of you again and again.
Let's see, what did we do for fun this week??? Back to see my oncologist with good news. My liver counts were down which means something we are doing is working. I know it is prayer but we have to give credit to all of the techno medical cancer cell killing stuff too. I did not do chemo this week as the drain remained but ended up having it removed yesterday. Please pray that the doctors were right in their decision to take it out. I was still and continue to drain quite a bit. We are not totally comfortable with the decision but are placing our trust that it will not have to be put back in. It does feel good to not have that ugly tube and ball hanging from me and oh how good it felt to take a real shower!! And LOOK OUT I have my voice back. a little froggy but it's there. Thank you Dr. Garnett for your love of your profession and for gentle touch. He shot collagen in both of my vocal cords to pump em up so that they can touch and I can sing and shout. I still have a bit of swelling but in the next few days I should be ready for try outs on American Idol. Zoe is getting used to it but at first thought I was yelling at her when I was just talking normally. Grace says i talk too much!!! Look who's talking!!!!
This weekend we are taking it easy and enjoying the weather. Hardy and Judith continue to be a huge help as sometimes I am not able to even drive due to my balance. even got me a handicap card for the car. Next Wednesday I will begin again with the chemo 3 weeks on with one week off. I feel good about this one and along with all that you are doing for us, we can beat this thing!!! Just wait when we do, what a party that will be.


Anonymous said...

My hopes are up for this chemo to work too! And as always, you are in my prayers. Love you! ~Anna

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you can talk. Yippee:)
Aunt Susie