Saturday, October 17, 2009

The week has passed and so as the flu in our house (I hope). Both Zoe and Grace had fevers for five days and somehow grandma, myself and Hal escaped the bug. My prayers go out to those who are battling any of this sickness as there is so much going around!
Because the girls were sick and also my blood counts were low, I was encouraged not to do chemo this past week. With a bit of talk, we decided to go ahead and do the gemzar only and not the carboplatin as the carboplatin suppresses my immune system. My liver enzyme counts continue to drop as well as my tumour markers. This all indicates that the chemo is working!!!!!
I am feeling well. I still tire very easily but then get a burst of energy and then overdo it.
Judith continues to be a saint by taking care of all the business around the house.
It seems that the chemo has attacked my brain cells as it is difficult to even type this blog. My memory and mental abilities are a bit fogged and you'll have to forgive me if you don't get a thank you note or perhaps you receive two or three!
It's hard to believe that fall is here and the leaves are starting to drop. Another season, another reminder of God's love for us.

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