Friday, September 11, 2009

Window To My Heart

Greetings everyone -- Hal here -- filling in for Ann on this entry.

The skilled and caring hands of the wonderful physicians and nurses at KU have completed the procedure to place a "window" to allow fluid to drain from Ann's heart region. The procedure went well and by late afternoon Ann was coming out of the affects of surgery. She is feeling better and has been up and out of bed. We look forward to having Zoe and Grace spend time with Ann tonight. Then, she is hoping for a good night's rest tonight and then of course talk of going home. The next step in the process will be to get started on chemo -- we're not sure when that would be exactly yet. Not sooner than Wednesday next week. We're praying that this next set of chemo meds will be effective -- and we know that you are too.

Ann and I want to express our thanks to everyone for their prayers, help with the girls, taking care of our pets, thoughtful gestures, calls, cards... We know that God gives us the graces needed for every challenge - we see it each day through you. Please do not despair or view this journey as a stumbling block to your faith -- when you are tempted to ask why does bad things happen to good people remember that there is an amazing amount of good that comes out of our suffering as well.

Our family has been privileged to be showered with so much love in this past week and God was there through it all. I want to encourage you to also know that God loves each of us, his children, and desires that you grow closer to Him through those around you. Be open that that closeness may come through adversity and in all things trust that God is at work.

As for Ann and I, know that our spirits are good and faith in God strong. Thank you God for all that you do for each of us today and everyday. We love you.



Tiffany said...

Thanks for the update, Hal. You two and your faith are absolutely amazing and inspiring for us all! Thank you for the reminder of how wonderful our God is...and how it is through Him that we will grow to have peace in each of our lives.

Rosendahl's said...

It is hard to describe the amount of love I have for your family. Thanks Hal for the update. Not sure of the best way to contact you, but I want to bring over a meal. Please call and leave a message at 441-6237 and let me know when I can drop something off. Also, if you have more people at home and need to feed a bigger crowd, let me know. Lots of love and prayers, Jen

Anonymous said...

Give those Schierts girls an extra couple hugs today.
And collect them back too.
I send love and hugs.
Aunt Susie

Sallie said...

Am astonished by your amazing faith and courage! You two are such an inspiration to me. I wish I lived closer as I would be there with food, hugs and love... but am sending them from S.C. I feel like I know you through this blog. Keep up the faith and you will be rewarded!