Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Call Me Milk

As in 1% because if it has a 1%chance of happening then it will happen to me (as Sarah says). Things have changed since my last post. The love is not dissipating from my heart so I will now have surgery tomorrow morning to have a "window" created to allow the fluid to drain longer without having to remain in the hospital attached to all of the equipment. So, now I'll truly have a window to my heart....this means that I will remain in the hospital for a longer time (perhaps now until Sunday or Monday) and that my chemo will be delayed. Although I just got off the phone with my oncologist and she seems to think not. So, as usual I have made things a bit more complicated. Oh, I also met with my ENT doc amid all of this and found out that both vocal cords are "bowed out" and not working so I am scheduled for collagen injections to those areas on Sept 30th. Whew, I think that's it.
The main goal remains and that is for this chemo to work and get rid of the cancer and fluid.
The girls just arrived to my room and have all kinds of questions about whats hanging off of me and what that "gross fluid" on my hip. Perhaps Hal will be updating the blog with info from here on out until I am felling better. Love to all of you. Keep on praying!


Josie said...

We love you and we are praying and we will not stop. Period. Love, Josie.

Zonna said...

love u and your sense of humor.