Friday, January 28, 2011

Jesus I Trust in You

Greetings all -

The title is from the Divine Mercy image revealed to St. Faustina. I find it is a good phrase to repeat to keep myself focused on Him rather than me.

Its ironic at times that I find myself thinking that blue sky is on the way. Wanting and waiting for the way of the cross to get easier for some illogical reason -- the reality is the opposite. The more we tune into His ways the greater the burden seems...and then, when we finally let Him take over, we laugh and wonder what the big deal was in the first place for it seems suddenly too easy. Sure the burdens and suffering are still there. However, instead of our puny ability to withstand then, we receive supernatural assistance and the burden is made easy and the yoke is light.

For me, trust is the piece that I need to return to again and again to give me the confidence in taking the next step. I know in the uncertainties ahead that Jesus desires to be with me, my girls and all of you. At each step, it is my choice, and yours too my friends, if I trust and let Jesus lead or if I try to do it the hard way (my way) first. How entertaining we must be to our Father in Heaven?

Zoe, Grace and I are back into the swing of school and work. Grace is so much looking forward to her First Communion - and I am too. Zoe is mere days away from being 10! That milestone somehow makes me feel a bit older. I am truly blessed with great kids. Most days I feel like we are getting the bare minimum necessary items done - as much as we try to slow down there is always the busyness of school. I wish there were more hours in each day so that I could spend 8 hours giving each of them all the comfort and attention they deserve. Unfortunately, that simply isn't the typical work/school day.

I am still in search of an answer to what the next step in my career may be -- I am blessed with some recent leads and help on this front. We are working on being more ordered in our day and week to simplify our days and make more room for prayer, family and friends.

God bless you.


Lisa Gress said...

Hal, the faith that you and Ann have shared through this blog has really helped me through my own battles. I too frequently have to tell myself to let go and let GOD, and somehow reading this blog always makes that easier. God bless you and the girls.

Kelly said...

I continue to pray for you and the girls. I still offer prayers of Thanksgiving for having had Ann in my life as my MOMS facilitator. She is among those I thank for helping me to become a stay at home MOM and wife-the BEST decision I have ever made! Thank you for sharing your wise words and continuing the blog. I am specifically praying that your job leads turn into something concrete!

Many blessings to you and the girls,
Kelly Barkmeier

Anonymous said...

So often I feel the same way you do and I must say I do chuckle at what God thinks when he sees me doing things MY way and then falling down and skinning my knees in the process, until I call UNCLE! I always know HIS way is the right way but still I will try mine once in a while. Yes, our burdens are great, but with Him they are much easier to bear. I think of you and the girls often and pray to God to guide you in his wise ways. I take comfort in knowing He is. You are a great father and you have two wonderful, beautiful girls. My thoughts are with you.

Joann said...

Aunt JoAnn said.....
You are a great example to us all. I remember my experience after Leo died. Also how I learned to "Let Go and Let God" Everything went so much easier, once I did that. You and the girls are always in our prayers.