Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not so romantic getaway

Greetings everyone - this is Hal filling in for Ann on this post.

On Thursday, Ann returned to what seems to be our retreat destination - KU Hospital. She had a sudden fluid build up in her right lung. After a long night of wonderful care they were able to insert a tube into her chest cavity in order to drain the fluid. Ann endured the most pain that I've seen her go through ever but thank God it is getting better and she rested comfortably in the ICU last night. Next step will be to rehab her lung via breathing exercises and get the chest tube out when the fluid subsides - plus manage her "normal" side effects from the chemo she received on Wednesday.

On the up side of treatment, Ann's oncologist, Dr Fabin, indicated that Ann would probably get a reprieve from chemo after 5 more weeks! We are praying for the blessing of some time off.

Speaking of blessings, I would like to take time to thank you for your prayers and help. Always, always remember that good can come of every situation if we cooperate with God's will. So "when bad things happen" consider it an opportunity to enter into that situation to become His gift to our sister or brother in need. I love you all for all you do.

Thank you God for this "getaway" with Ann and for your mercy.

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Sallie said...

As you write, I am lifting Ann up in prayer. I only know her, you and your precious family through this blog, but feel so very blessed! You, two, are the shining example of God's love for all of us. Keep the faith and know that better days are a comin'.