Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another chilly day here in Shawnee and it looks like it is here to stay. Kind of like it, as it calls for hot soups and an excuse to lay on the couch.

I posted a picture of my favorite ladies whom were responsible for putting the wine tasting together. Thanks again my friends, we love you so much! FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

I am feeling pretty good but am starting to feel the chemo take it's affect so I am like a pregnant woman nesting trying to get things done before I am down for the count. My last week off from chemo was great. I was back to doing and being and it felt incredible. Hard on Hal though as it's hard for him to shift gears like that. He has been taking care of me for so long that he couldn't not help me. I can't love him any less for that! God blessed me with the perfect man and sometimes it just overwhelms me to think that i am that loved and special. Thanks honey I love you even though I give you dirty looks. We enjoyed a really nice low key Thanksgiving with our friends the Martens at the home of their parents. Thanks so much for a wonderful and relaxing holiday. The food was incredible and I ate my share! I have gained eight pounds and I think seven of it was from that day.
My appointment before chemo with my doctor was encouraging. Her along with the rest of the staff kept saying how good i looked which made me think I must have looked really bad because I think I look terrible now. Oh well, I accepted that issue a long time ago. More scans are scheduled for the 21st so the prayers need to overflow on that day please..
Dr Fabian is pleased with my blood counts and thinks that the estrogen that I am taking is having to do with a lot of that (and your prayers). Yes, I know what your thinking... isn't estrogen what fuels the cancer? It's a long story and research on this just came out this summer. I have reason to believe that I am my doctor's guinea pig and confirmed that when I asked her how many other patients she had put on estrogen. Her reply as I suspected was that I was the only one but that back when she first started her practice this was the way they treated women with estrogen receptive breast cancer. Whatever works is what I will go by. Only drawbacks and men and children don't read from here because I am going to talk about "women stuff" but it does make me bleed and spot a bit. A gynecologist is concocting a special progesterone oil shot for me to receive next week. This will make me have a real period (YIPPPEEE) which will have me back in the conversations with all you young women. Okay men and children continue to read on from here.
Zoe is doing great but the casts are starting to wear on her (for good reason) actually they are starting to break. Duct tape holds one shoe in place and the other is on it's way. By the end of the day she is tired and ready to put them big dogs up. One more week until they come off and she will be about five pounds lighter.
That's about it for now. I hope you are preparing yourself for Christmas and I don't mean running around the stores shopping and getting consumed by the consumerism. I hope you are preparing yourself in quiet and asking God what it is He wants from you and that you hear Him. Now go out and do what He says!


Anonymous said...

My Love,
It is good to see you feeling better - with so many people praying to the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, asking Mary and the saints to intercede on your behalf it's wonderful to witness God's grace being poured out on you.

I am called to provide you my love through service - and I'm happy to do that each day. I love you and I know that God does too.


Sallie said...

I want to wish you and your precious family a very Merry Christmas. My prayer for you is peace, love, health and happiness. Your method of conquering your struggle and battle are an inspiration to me on a daily basis. Sending good karma from S.C. May 2010 bring you and your family lots of celebrations!